Happy Wednesday–Helping Others!..

Have recently had the opportunity to help some friends organize spaces in their homes.  The experience has been rewarding in that my friends really got on board and energized to create best use of their living spaces.  One couple owns a very small house, has many possessions and little storage space.  Organization has been viewed as difficult due to the small house size, but has also been needed to keep order in the living space.  And a new baby has added complexity for sure.  Sometimes we all just need a fresh perspective to give us a kick-start!


One area needing help was the baby’s room.  The storage space was minimal and clothes were stuffed everywhere.  Target sells a $20 adjustable clothes hanger rack that added just the right amount of hanging space for many of the clothes.  The neat organization change shed light on the potential to further organize the room overall.  Since the clothes to hang were baby clothes, the rack was set at a low height.  As a result the walls weren’t taken up with an unsightly storage view–the rack was perfect for the space!  The bottom of the rack allowed for boxes of diapers to be stacked and out-of-the-way–formerly cluttering up the walkway.


The small kitchen also had an available and unrecognized space to make a big difference.  The space was not used except to store cans of soda on the floor–I could see shelving becoming helpful, but it had to be small and easy to install.  A low-cost (about $25) storage stand with optional caster wheels (which we did not use) from Wal-Mart filled the need along with rethinking of the use of kitchen items in general.  Installing the stand as a surprise gift energized the parents to dedicate it for a baby feeding supply station–centralizing  bottles and baby food supplies that were formerly and randomly located throughout the living areas.  Seeing the potential, the parents moved other unused items to attic storage.

interlocking hands

A third change involved integrating a 2 shelf-6 cube open-faced cabinet to the master bedroom.  Important papers and items could then be stored in the cubes instead of throughout the living areas.  We obtained the cabinet at a resale shop for $10 and there were extra fabric drawers not being used that were brought into service.  When creating this change, we discovered that we could store extra sheet sets at the top of a closet system (in another room) that was unused–got the clutter of the sheets under control and creating more floor space.  Consolidating important papers also freed up a drawer in the kitchen allowing for best use of space there.


I enjoyed helping with these changes and ended up–well, you know–happy!  So did the folks I lent a hand to.  I had the time and energy to see the need and the inclination to help.  So, we all benefited.

Hope Your day is filled with Happiness!–Judy


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