Happy Monday–Bridges Over Troubled Water–a Tribute

After publishing my “Bridge” post on Thursday,  a relative of mine passed away.  Upon attending her Visitation, I read the card about her the immediate family gave to all who came through offering comfort.  A version of the lyrics from “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” was printed on the card, making the event just a tiny bit more poignant than it already was.  And due to my thoughts about bridges in general for the blog.


This relative was a much-loved and happy person, so the lyrics the immediate family used fit her perfectly–and were a loving tribute:

“When you’re weary

feeling small

when tears are in your eyes

I will dry them all

I’m on your side

when times get rough

and friends just can’t be found

Like a bridge over troubled water

I will lay me down

Sail on Silver Girl,

Sail on by

I’m sailing right behind”

I can think of some very special  people who were my Bridges over Troubled Waters. And I am pretty sure that I have been such a bridge for some people in my life.  I plan to be one for more people in the future.  We undoubtedly all have been the “bridge” for someone.  And in then end, we, the ones who help us, and the ones we help are all Silver Boys and Girls…

The song is available on You Tube under Simon and Garfunkle as are the lyrics.  Happy listening for those of you who remember this song.  And for those who don’t or haven’t heard it–a special treat!

Hope Your day is filled with Happiness!–Judy


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