Happy Thursday! Family Fun–Geocaching.

My sister, Barb,  and I went a little crazy today and figured out how to ‘Geocache’.  We hadn’t done this before and I am sure glad we took the dive.   We were both in need of some enjoyment and dished ourselves up a good ole bowl of ‘self help’ soup!

I’ve been working on improving the functionality of my blog in the last few days and ran into the geocaching idea from another site–http://www.projectlighttolife.wordpress.com.  We went to a new coffee-house in small town Illinois and looked at the http://www.geocaching.com website.  Signed ourselves up for free and pulled out my iPhone.  Downloaded the free app for starters.  Following the directions, we were both startled that there were 3 caches close by–we were really surprised.  And due to our own ignorance for sure.  Anyway it was sunny and a blistering 95 degrees outside–but that didn’t stop us!  We needed some fun!

We get to the site and grope around–can’t find the cache…until we both stop and focus the tree before us at the same time and look at each other in recognition of the spot where it has to be.  Barb reaches into the hole where the branches come together at the trunk, and –lo and behold!  There it is.

Not much in the end really, just a sign up sheet and a little bottle.  But you would have thought we struck gold.    Participants can put track able ‘tags’ in the caches.  Players are then encouraged to take the tags out of the cache container, carry them to another cache and drop them off.  Eventually the tags will hopefully make it around the world as people move the tags from one cache to another.  It’s an honor system.  And the tags are tracked via the website.  Never too late for fun, and now that my time is more freed up, I’m having me some of that!


Millions of caches around the world so Geocaching says.  If you are looking for something different, caching might be right up your alley!  We’re going to do with our “What The Fabulous” girls’ party time group in the near future and in the nearby city where there are many more caches just waiting for us to discover them.

We had a happy time.

Hope Your day is also filled with Happiness!–Judy


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