Happy Friday!–Boosting Internal Happiness.

Yesterday was a good example of how events can unfold and be Sooooo pleasing.  Up early, I found myself mulling over personal stuff.  Sometimes I can let problems get me down and then miss out on opportunities for happiness.   The phone rang.  I decided to conquer a darker mood and let some sunshine enter!  I had prepared a vegan feast the night before and had leftovers.  So, invited my Sis, Barb, over for lunch and then proceeded to put the fixin’s together.

We finished and then went to the local botanical garden for a photo session as I hadn’t been shooting for a while.  This garden is filled with much beauty and I go as often as possible.  We took some nice pictures, the weather was soft and balmy, and I was feeling better.

_DSC8254 _DSC8238

Not many people were there and we were wandering around the various plots.  Well, we ran into one of the gardeners who works there that we did not know.  He started talking like he needed to talk.  We chatted him up and discovered a few facts about one of the plants he was working with that day.  Then he gave us some free plants for our gardens which was very surprising and so nice.  He was going to discard them any way!  We all left and the 2 of us felt great–he seemed to as well.


My husband has been sickly as of late and he was also having a better day than usual.  When we go back to my house, we found him talkative and interactive, making for a nice conversation for the 3 of us.  My Dad had shown up and he joined in.  Just a sweet time.

Barb also let me know that my niece (who has some mental and developmental challenges) is going to move to another special adult housing unit this coming fall.  My niece isn’t happy where she is, so this is a definite cause for celebration!

If I hadn’t determined to look for happiness, I might have missed out on these gems.  I probably wouldn’t have answered the phone call at the beginning of the day that set all in action!  I encourage everyone I know to step outside their problems for just a bit and look for ways to enjoy the ‘real time’ moments.  A Nature Boost of some kind is one place to start.  Surprises can await us all if we do…


Hope Your day is filled with Happiness!–Judy


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