Happiness Tuesday!–Happy Body via Best Thinking.

Early morning walk.  Dr. Wayne Dyer is speaking to me in his Abridged Audio Collection.  So many words on living a happy life.  Its a beautiful cool morning with no wind blowing; perfect for a walk.  I love Dyer–but find myself distracted by the beauty around me.  Generated by, well, my neighbors.  I turn the audio off temporarily.

Houses are smallish, yards big, trees old as its an old neighborhood.  The love and devotion  people have gone to caring for their houses and yards is quite astonishing.  And all done just for me!  Well, not me alone,  (Hah, hah) but for all who venture out and focus on each oasis of beauty.

Its very quiet.  Birdsong.  Few people out yet.  Delightful and sublime.



I walk further than usual as I feel energized by the beauty of the day.  Ordinarily I probably wouldn’t contemplate these yard works of art.  But today, my thinking focuses on the positive aspects.  Got a lot more from my walk than usual this morning–both for happy body and happy mind.

Dr. Dyer is beckoning me to continue with him down audio lane.

Hope Your day is filled with happiness!–Judy


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