Happiness Monday!–Good Personal Change

Recently watched a TED Talk on Netflix and was inspired to put the practice recommended there to work in my own life.  It’s so “Happiness” I feel compelled to relate my story to you.  The talk was presented in 2012 by Amy Cuddy and titled, Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are.  The following comments are me interpreting what she has to say–you can watch for yourself!

Amy is a social scientist and has completed research that focuses on showing how changing our non verbal behaviors can change our minds, thoughts and feelings.  She basically studied how we can practice positive powerful non verbal behaviors which in turn results in our feeling more positively powerful and less stressed.  She measured  body hormones to confirm her research and discovered a physical response to the behavior changes.  What she found can have a profound impact on our lives–Proof!  She also measured her hormonal proof in blood samples taken after only 2 minutes.  Close to instant benefits.

Amy conveys that the actual key to understanding what she promotes is to realize that non verbal behavior change is the target; that how changes in our non verbals can alter the way we think and feel about ourselves.   After watching her presentation on TED Talks, I am convinced that ‘self change’ will happen for me if I practice her approaches.  Moreover, I can track my responses by recording my feelings over time to confirm for myself.  Not scientific, but good enough for me.

What specific behaviors is she talking about?  My read is those behaviors that promote confidence and the feelings of success within ourselves.  Both of these feelings promote happiness–so how can I resist?!

Here are several pictures of in the recommended poses that I am practicing for 2 minutes and 3 times per day.  Have been doing so for about 1 week now and my confidence feelings have become more positive.  But a 1 week tryout is really not enough time, so I’m going to track over several months to see what I think after that.

The winner's pose of arms in the air, feet apart, chin elevated.
The winner’s pose of arms in the air, feet apart, chin elevated.
a confident power pose
a confident power pose
Even sitting down-power and confidence.
Even sitting down-power and confidence.

My daughter in law is so inspired by Amy’s work that she is also using the techniques with her 6 month old.  Children certainly need to develop behaviors that boost confidence and success.  Baby stands with help much of her waking time and we spread her arms out and up.  She loves this stance and smiles and coos along with it.  Mom is always searching for best parenting tips.

sweet and confident!
sweet and confident!

Amy suggests that we pass the practices along.  Maybe you will want to as well.  There are probably many experts who have talked and/or written in the past about how changing non verbal behavior will change internal feelings.  Amy is one who is backed by some research and that is why I find her message so exciting.  Would love to hear from any of you who are integrating this and other happiness practices into your lives.

Hope Your day is filled with Happiness!–Judy


1 thought on “Happiness Monday!–Good Personal Change

  1. I used this technique before a “planned confrontation” with my boss about quitting my job. I felt it helped lower my stress hormones so I could have more control of my emotions during the meeting. ~Rana, From Peoria, IL

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