Easy vegan , weight loss possible meal–using Millet of all things!

Great new ‘easy’ recipe for me.  The possible use of Millet  for human consumption was intriguing–I hadn’t seriously considered it before–its bird food!   But–one particular author beckoned me to sample its delicious wares.  And with my new found freedom and enhanced happiness condition I was receptive to trying something new.

millet hands

I got the basic recipe for Spanish Millet Paella from The Beauty Detox Foods by Kimberly Snyder, CN, added some black beans, altered a few ingredients to that shown below, and was delighted with the outcome.  5 other people also joined my feast, all said they liked the taste and really liked sampling the Millet as no one had eaten any before either.  I cut the original recipe in half as I wasn’t sure how much would result.  Then I used the dish as one of 3 courses and so the amount was perfect in that all was consumed. If you want to try and desire left overs, you may want to try the full recipe.  The recipe cut in half:

1 cup Millet, 2 3/4 cups vege broth divided, 3/4 cup diced onion, 1 clove garlic minced, 1 carrots, peeled and diced, 1/2 medium red bell pepper diced, 1/2 cup diced fresh tomatoes, 1/4 pound sugar snap peas, 1 cup cooked (I used canned) black beans rinsed, salt to taste.

The Millet needs to be soaked the night before, I counted on 8 hours, started soaking in the morning, then prepared for dinner.  I paraphrased Kimberly’s directions below:

‘Heat 1/8 cup vege broth over a medium heat and add the carrots, pepper and millet, cook the mixture for a few moments stirring to distribute flavors.  Add the rest of the vege broth and reduce heat to low.  Cook the mixture for 18 minutes or until the millet has softened somewhat–stirring occasionally.’  (I use Rapunzel brand Vegetable Broth, have for many years and love its taste and contribution to any dish I have used it on–purchased at the local health food store.)

‘Stir in the tomatoes, snap peas, and black beans.  Mix them in and then cover the pot and cook for about 5 minutes until the Millet is al dente and snap peas have softened a bit.  The paella should retain a creamy, risotto-like texture for the both.  Add salt to taste and serve hot.’

my dish looked like this one
my dish looked like this one

The Millet alone was a tiny bit chalky to me and the beans smoothed that sensation out.  Others said they liked the Millet just the way it was, but also liked the black beans.  So–up to the cook, I guess.  I loved the dish with the beans and will use many times in the future.

Served the paella with an easy brown rice dish and a green side salad.

I always look at the calories for continued Weight Loss.  Kimberly doesn’t publish calories for this dish, but online looks like 1 cup of Millet expands about 4 times.  One cup cooked is 200 calories and uncooked is 750.   So the entire dish consisted of 200 Millet cals, no fat and between the other ingredients probably another 200-300 calories.  The dish fed 5 people, so  I figured 100 cals per each person.  The brown rice was approximately 3/4 cup per person at 160 cals and the salad was green with a small amount of low fat dressing for another 50 cals.  Total = 310 cals.  This meal is 100 calories over my allotment of 200 cals 6 times daily.  Since it was the 5th meal, I ate an apple for my final meal.

From a Happiness point of view it’s always interesting to see people try new food and watch for reactions.  My diners were appreciative of a new experience and I was happy to provide one to them.


Hope your day is filled with Happiness! –Judy


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