Simple Actions to Insure Daily Happiness

“Today will be my happiest and most satisfying day ever!”  Looking ahead to my day each morning I commit to a few small actions that target increased happiness and fulfillment.


These are actions I will take no matter what else I have planned on a bigger scale.  One action that works for me involves practicing kindnesses.   At the start of each day, I put 5 pennies in one of my pockets.  Each coin represents one time I will be kind to another person (in my opinion) and whether they recognize it or not.  Its a “Pocketful of Kindness” baseline only, as I often manage more than 5.  With each kindness achieved, I take one coin out and put it into another pocket for the final collection.  In the past I talked about being kind, but often ended each hectic day not reviewing my success. As a result, I didn’t positively reinforce this happiness practice for my own benefit.

What did I call kindnesses yesterday for example?

1.  I didn’t respond with anger to my husband when he barked at me.  He was having a lot of pain at the time and needed to vent over an issue.  I listened carefully and gave him a hug in the end.  Hugs are good at the right time!  Penny to the other pocket!


2.  I fixed a nice vegan dinner for my daughter Tif and her significant other, Chuck–a new dish they both enjoyed!  Plus–i have another dish created for a later blog.  Penny switch.

3.  I showed my sis, Barb, how the plants she had given me for my yard were looking so nice and thanked her for them. Hug and a penny!

4.  I sent an email to my son, Rock and his wife Rana on how clean and neat their house looked when I babysat on Monday.

5.  I called and talked with a friend I hadn’t connected with for a while.  Penny, penny…all 5 accounted for!  I felt much better than I would have if I didn’t have kindness on my mind–and hopefully the recipients do to!

You may find my penny idea helpful and would love to hear of any similar steps you are taking–


Hope your day is filled with Happiness!–Judy


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